Go Green Cleaning Services has more than 15 years of commercial cleaning experience, working with multinational companies as well as smaller independent businesses.

Go Green is your number one choice when choosing a cleaning provider when you are choosing to clean for the health and safety of your facility. We are an industry leader in cleaning best practices and we have cleaning processes and tools to deliver you an excellent cleaning service on each visit. In today’s environment that is more imporant than ever. While many factors have traditionally been a driving force of choosing a cleaning partner for your facility, in the past it often came down to price. While we are not often the lowest cost option, we guarantee our service, and we guarantee the quality of our training and processes that our designee keep your facility healthy and safe. We have never cut corners and believe now more than ever that facilities should be choosing a cleaning partner based on their cleaning expertise and quality management processes.

Go Green cleans your facility from top to bottom to keep it healthy and safe for your team members.

Go Green can provide comprehensive commercial cleaning service for your businesses needs. Our commercial cleaning service is designed to give your workspace the attention to detail you demand, and minimize the environmental impact of cleaning in your facility, while also removing organic soil, and leaving surfaces completely clean. Cleaning for health and safety is about using products that are safe, but also effective at removing organic matter completely from surfaces. We can schedule services from daily to once per month, depending on your businesses cleaning needs and traffic. We provide all of the necessary commercial cleaning service equipment, tools, and cleaning solutions.

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Go Green utilizes technology to improve your cleaning experience, but it also helps keep your facility safer. One example of this is our COVID-19 disinfection and sanitation service what includes electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging.

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